February 23, 2018

Banking Articles

Coping With Holiday Stress

Stressed? Depressed? Here’s How To Cope If you’re feeling Grinch-y, Scrooge-y and a bit more than bah hum-bugged, overwhelmed by the array of demands the holidays bring, there are ways to make things better, according to a Mayo Clinic release. Among the stressors are too many – sometimes unwelcome – guests, selecting and then paying […]

10 Tips To Protect Against Identity Theft

Forget the bogey man, dragons and things that go bump in the night. Save the fear factor for the unscrupulous among us who steal our identities and leave us floundering, financially fractured and caught in a web of never-ending effort to prove who we are. The stories are rampant. Every year, more than 16 million […]

Wal-Mart Offers new GoBank Accounts Sans Overdraft Fees

Joining other large retailers that engage in semi-banking practices, shopping giant Wal-Mart has opted to provide a card-based program for customers who may overspend their accounts while purchasing in their stores. The world’s largest retailer had teamed with Green Dot Corp., a leader in creating reloadable prepaid cards. New mobile checking accounts issued by Wal-Mart […]

Wealth Gap Lasts Into Retirement

It just seems to make sense that if you keep plugging along at a your job, by the time you retire you should have come closer to the level of wealth some others enjoy. Not so, experts in the field say. Thousands of Americans struggle to set aside enough money to enjoy retirement, particularly those […]

Money Management

Take Dow Drops Seriously

In recent weeks, the Down Jones Industrial Average, one of the indicators of how well the country’s investing is going, has dropped twice by more than 1,000 points in a single week. What should you, as an investor, do? It’s natural to be nervous when it is possible more dips are in store. … [Read More...]

Spouses Who Lie bout Finances

Managing money is one of the top concerns couples list when they talk about problem areas. Throw in a situation in which one – or both – of the partners are not truthful about money matters, and you have the makings of marital disaster. The lies can be about any aspect of the couples’ money … [Read More...]

Giving And Getting For Christmas

Even though most people subscribe to the wisdom that giving is better than receiving at Christmas, the same people also hope that the gifts they receive will be what they want. Some assure themselves of the right gifts by buying them for themselves. Nothing wrong in that as long as they keep the … [Read More...]

Managing Financial Stress

Americans born after World War II grew up in an era of unparalleled prosperity and now it shows. Part of what built that great economy was the entrenched attitude that “I need more.” The result was unmanageable national debt, waste of natural resources, class conflict and a frustrated … [Read More...]