August 16, 2018

Banking Articles

Are Cryptocurrencies Safe

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making headlines recently, mostly laced with warnings that they might be more conducive to fraud than regular currency. They are scams just waiting to happen, according to some experts. Ponzi schemes and other frauds involving Bitcoin are being investigated across the country, some of them targeting retirement accounts. The […]

Coping With Holiday Stress

Stressed? Depressed? Here’s How To Cope If you’re feeling Grinch-y, Scrooge-y and a bit more than bah hum-bugged, overwhelmed by the array of demands the holidays bring, there are ways to make things better, according to a Mayo Clinic release. Among the stressors are too many – sometimes unwelcome – guests, selecting and then paying […]

10 Tips To Protect Against Identity Theft

Forget the bogey man, dragons and things that go bump in the night. Save the fear factor for the unscrupulous among us who steal our identities and leave us floundering, financially fractured and caught in a web of never-ending effort to prove who we are. The stories are rampant. Every year, more than 16 million […]

Wal-Mart Offers new GoBank Accounts Sans Overdraft Fees

Joining other large retailers that engage in semi-banking practices, shopping giant Wal-Mart has opted to provide a card-based program for customers who may overspend their accounts while purchasing in their stores. The world’s largest retailer had teamed with Green Dot Corp., a leader in creating reloadable prepaid cards. New mobile checking accounts issued by Wal-Mart […]

Money Management

Stop Buying What You Can’t Afford

All of a sudden you're finding that your credit card balances are totally beyond your ability to pay? Time to take control. Debt is a big factor when you need a credit score that will allow you to buy a home, a car or other big-ticket item, so stop debt in its tracks. You begin the battle … [Read More...]

Do-It-Yourself Can Save Bucks

How many ways can you think of to save money by taking care of home maintenance items, making your own clothing, your baby's food and dozens of other projects? You can save lots of money if you go about it right. First on the list of don'ts is the obvious: Don't undertake DIY projects unless … [Read More...]

Save On Entertainment

Americans love to be entertained and they spend a lot of money for the pleasure. Here are a half dozen ideas for spending less and enjoying it more: If you're planning a night out for live entertainment, wait until the last minute to purchase tickets. A theater hoping to fill the house may begin … [Read More...]

Save Money On Food

The typical American family of four spends $8,513 per year on groceries. And many families add to that amount by eating out regularly. If you are interested in cutting the amount you spend at the grocery store, file these tips away and follow the advice they offer: Learn to cook. Cooking you … [Read More...]