September 19, 2018

Bank of America In Utah

In the latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch CFO Outlook survey, U.S. financial officers gave the economy its highest score in five years and were “significantly more confident about economic growth in 2013.” This new economic outlook may bring consumers to the investment table.

Have you considered investing in the Bank of America? You may want to do some research to find out about the bank’s assets, investing philosophy and what they are doing in your own backyard.

In a report published by the bank on January 1, 2013, small businesses in the state of Utah were granted $61.7 million in new credit. That figure is up from 2011 by 35%.

What about home loans for people in Utah? In 2012, Bank of America has provided 9,381 Utah customers with home mortgages. This figure includes 1,267 home loan modifications.
What about helping communities in Utah? During 2012, $292,980 was given in grants and matching gifts to help local nonprofit community
organizations develop and grow.

What about donating to Utah charities? The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has donated $91,980 to match employee contributions to their favorite Utah charities. Employees pledged $19,342 to the local chapter of the United Way, which helps provide people with food and shelter as well as aid in financial education. Local employees also donated 1,388 volunteer hours to local communities.

What about helping the environment? During the years between 2007 through 2012, Bank of America contributed more than $37 million dollars to help renewable energy and energy efficiency projects as well as supporting nonprofits trying to focus on climate change.
As of January 1, 2013, one of their objectives is to provide financing of $50 billion for environmental improvements.

What about helping our American troops? They have a program that donates $1 for each written or photo contribution you make to them. Officially the money goes to the “Wounded Warrior Project.”

What about their debt? Recent quarterly reports say that their long-term debt has decreased by $18 billion dollars.

What about their expenses and spending? Expenses declined by $13 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2013.

Gather the information you need before investing in any company. Hopefully this article will give you some idea of what Bank of America is doing in Utah. What are they doing in your state?

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