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Frequently Asked Questions
Let Us Know How We Can Help

Let Us Know How We Can Help

We want to serve you in the best ways possible. We understand that sometimes you may have additional questions that you can't find answers to right away. For those people, we ask that you read below and then contact us if we can help you.

The most frequently asked questions here at ValueChecks.net usually cover these topics:

    • How many personal checks are in a box?
      ~ Depends on which site you are referred to. Normally there are 125 for singles and 100 for duplicates.
    • How do I find coupon codes for check printing companies?
      ~ Use our coupon page to find the latest coupon codes.
    • How do I check on my order?
      ~ Since orders are placed at our referred sites, you will need to contact them to make any changes to your order or to check on delivery time.
    • My check order was placed a while ago and I think I should have had them delivered by now. Where are my checks?
      ~Most of the time, the length of time between ordering and delivery is between 7 - 10 business days. Many of our printing partners have faster mailing options available at check out.
    • If I have other questions, how can I get help?
      ~ Please use our contact form to email us and we will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.
    • If I need to contact your partner sites, what are their phone numbers?
4Checks.com 1-866-923-0451
Artisticchecks.com 1-800-243-2577
Bradford Exchange Checks 1-866-285-2334
Carousel Checks 1-708-613-2452
Checkgallery.com 1-800-354-3540
Checks On Sale 1-708-613-2450
Checks- Superstore 1-888-666-2719
Checks Unlimited 1-800-210-0468
Deluxe Corp. 1-800-328-0304
Extravalue Checks 1-708-613-2447
Styleschecks.com 1-800-356-0353
  • If I notice a technical problem or errors on the site, who should I conact?
    ~We appreciate all feedback and are eager to get issues resolved. Please use our contact form to contact us.