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Autism Checks

10 Designs Found

Support Autism Awareness Checks. For a long time, autism wasn't defined. Some children just acted differently and their parents coped the best they could. With better diagnosis, these children are being identified and helped. Now you can help support further research when you order autism awareness personal checks.

Autism Checks Celebrate Autism Research

This collection of personal checks highlights the battle that has been waged in the effort to find answers. In fact, one set in the collection features pieces of a puzzle centered in a heart. The puzzle theme is repeated in another featuring the looped ribbon that has been adopted to promote awareness.

Another puts a personal face on the problem with photos of child victims. Those who are involved in the effort and anxious to have others learn about this condition that robs many children - and adults - of their ability to cope with life, can carry their fervor about in the form of checks.