Cats & Kittens Labels Address Label

Cats & Kittens Address Labels

62 Labels Found

Cat Address Labels Purr With Perfection

Here are more than 65 ways to declare that you're a cat-lover. As one of the sets in this collection of labels declares, "Cats rule."

The set features four cartoon designs meant to establish the truth of the saying. But there also are plenty of delightful, real-life photos of cats and kittens. They catch them playing, resting and simply being the animal aristocrats they are.

The breeds you can choose among include Birman, hairless Sphynx, Abyssinian, Ragdoll, Persian, Chartreaux and Maine Coons. But you don't have to choose breed. There are plenty of generic choices. Artist Gary Patterson captures cats in some of their most typical modes and there even is a set that pleads for support for animal shelters. All you have to do is choose.