Order Civil War Checks that remind you of the pride of the North or the pride of the South

Civil War Checks

3 Designs Found

American Civil War Checks - The North Against The South. Although few in number our personal checks display scenes from the battlefield, from the Southern perspective and from the Northern angle. You'll find the Abraham Lincoln check designs as well as the Founding Fathers of America. These personal checks recreate battle scenes during the American Civil War.

Civil War Checks Celebrate Freedom Of The Slaves

America's Civil War (1861 - 1865). The struggle to maintain a cohesive nation and to end the practice of slavery, is history that lives in the hearts of the American people. It was a vital period that ended slavery and gave rise to other problems that significantly affected what the country is today. Thousands of history buffs treasure the stories of that critical conflict.

Now a series of Civil War checks will help them keep a bit of that passion in a pocket or purse. Replicas of old photos supplemented with artwork memorialize critical events and important people in the four-year conflict that raged through the mid-part of the 1860s.