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People love our whimsical checks. Just For Fun Checks - Life's an adventure! Let your sense of humor run rampant with whimsical checks where you can reflect on life and laugh at the hassles, skirt around the tragedies and romp through the daily grind without being ground. From our humorous "Life Is Crap" checks to our funky toadly green checks, these funny check designs are bound to make you smile.

Funny Checks Celebrate Your Sense Of Humor

Our funny personal checks include a frog who does Zen. Or how's this for a bright idea - the proverbial light bulb that reminds you that good ideas are always sitting around just waiting for the right electrical spark. You can't help smiling with our smiley faced checks in yellow and black. Also in this humorous checks collection of funny topics is a set of a set of Benjamins. Who doesn't like to see many of them? Simpler personal checks designs include flowery peace signs, Gumby, flotillas of rubber duckies and polka dots that rotate kaleidoscope-fashion across the face of each check.

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