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Horses Address Labels

Do you love horses? You may love using these colorful, powerful horse images on peel and stick address labels. Even if you just admire horses from a distance, these majestic animals have served us for thousands of years. From pulling chariots in ancient times to giving us rides through the countryside, people have used horses for fun and work. Cowboys wouldn't be cowboys without their favorite ride on horses. So choose your favorite address labels and trot on over to the checkout page. Order your address labels today.

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Horses Address Labels Riding Into The Sunset

This collection of horse address labels carries a love affair of cowboys and horses right into the realm of personal correspondence. The ancient love affair between man and horse has never diminished. Though fewer modern folks depend on their equine friends for transportation and labor, there still are thousands who maintain a loving regard for horses. Among the 50-plus horse images offered are photos of horses on the run, at work on the range and in idealized "Moments of Majesty'" that memorialize the romanticized view of horsedom. Even beloved Hollywood horseman John Wayne has a label. Add to that labels sporting different breeds and even those mythical variations the unicorns, and you have plenty to choose among.