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Spread smiles wherever you go with fun personal checks. You are sure to get a kick out of some of our fun check designs each time you write out a personal check. From cartoon checks like Zelda's Wisdom to Food and Drink checks, your wit and humor will be contagious. You are sure to find a unique check design that speaks to your unique sense of fun with funny artwork, all expertly reproduced in vivid detail using premium-quality check printing.

Children Checks

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Floral Fairies Flower Personal Checks - 1 Box
Floral Fairies Flower - 1 Box Personal Checks

Barnyard Buddies Animal Personal Checks - 1 Box
Barnyard Buddies Animal - 1 Box Personal Checks

Food & Drinks Checks

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Cupcake Craze Cooking Baking
Cupcake Craze Cooking Baking Personal Checks

After Five Girly Personal Checks - 1 Box
After Five Girly - 1 Box Personal Checks

Zipkin Coffee Checks
Zipkin Coffee Personal Checks

Love Checks

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Grunge Hearts Personal Checks
Grunge Hearts Personal Checks

Recreation Checks

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Vintage Baseball Card Checks
Vintage Baseball Card Personal Checks

Sunny Days Scenic Personal Checks - 1 Box
Sunny Days Scenic - 1 Box Personal Checks

Dominoes Checks - Domino
Dominoes - Domino Personal Checks

Skull Checks

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Whimsical Checks

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Zelda Wisdom Dog Checks
Zelda Wisdom Dog Personal Checks

After Five Girly Personal Checks - 1 Box
After Five Girly - 1 Box Personal Checks

Fun Checks Are Humorous And Entertaining

Ready for a laugh when you write out personal checks? Or are you ready to just feel silly? Whether you want crazy designs with colorful polka dots or crazy one liners, you have come to the right section. You'll find a big variety of fun check designs in this category - Skulls, cupcakes, romance, funky frogs and more.

Life Is Crap Checks Make You Laugh

Our "Life Is Crap" designs have some hilarious one liners depicting various struggles in life. Frustrations with spouses, children and jobs are some of the funniest subjects for the Life Is Crap crew.Smiley faces, peace signs, Gumby, blue jeans - all can be found in this personal check category.

In this economy, it helps to take a laughter break and that is just what this funny line of checks will do for you. Humor is also available on checkbook covers and address labels. You'll find fast, online ordering is the best way to go.

Thank you for shopping at Value Checks where you can order cheap fun checks and get a great bargain!