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Licensed Artists Checks

Famous Licensed Artist's Check Designs.Some of America's favorite artists can be found in this collection of personal checks. Whether you like the beautifully designed checks of Thomas Kincade or the funny checks by Life is Crap, you are sure to find a check that meets your personal tastes.

Art Work Checks From Many Artists

Thomas Kinkade's idealized representations of "home," spiritual havens and idyllic settings, enhanced by his trademark handling of light, idealize what is best about domestic life on personal checks. Lena Liu is recognized for her stunning portrayals of nature's most beloved items - flowers, birds and butterflies. On the lighter side are sets of Jim Benton's happy bunny or the Life is Crap crazy stick figures in situations to which everyone can all relate.

David Dunleavy takes loved characters from the underwater world, including whales and sea turtles and makes them into high art. Whichever appeals to your sense of art, these are miniatures that you can keep with you in your daily life.

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