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Country Checks

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Country Checks feature country life on the farm and rural American farm land scenery. You'll find roads that wander through colorful landscapes, country houses, rustic churches, blooming gardens, tractors, farm land, Americana - even a nostalgic outhouse with its crescent moon - are all part of this collection featuring America's country traditions. They evoke memories of days when life was more simple and are reminders as well that there still are pockets of peace in this great land.

Country Checks Showcase Vintage America

Life on a farm may bring back memories for you. Farm machinery like the red Farmall Tractor, the workhorse of many ranches, with their bright red color, were often used on farm lands across America. With our line of Farmall Checks, you are celebrating an era of farming that is unique to America. Vintage tractors helped farmers across the nation to bring food to our tables.

Many farmers kept all their farming equipment and supplies in rustic barns. Our barn checks showcase fields of rolled hay, white painted fences, cattle and sheep including many things you see on ranches in America. Majestic Silos with miles and miles of crops peacefully, silently growing plants to be distributed across the nation.

Country Checks Celebrate The Outdoors

Whether you select farming checks, or just Americana Country Checks, you'll be reminded of the hard work that farmers contribute to everyone's well being. Stars and hearts burned into strips of wood help decorate many country homes. Whether lush country settings reflect your own style or are just a friendly reminder that serene and peaceful landscapes still exist, our country living personal checks will help you feel gratitude for the blessings in your life.

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