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Down On The Farm Checks. Old McDonald would love it. His favorite domesticated animals, plus farm machinery, rustic buildings and depictions of the changing seasons that the farmer comes to know. In this collection of farm-themed personal checks, chickens come in a variety from fluffy yellow chicks to scratching hens to crowing roosters and there are choices for cows in pastures and cows with nearly-new calves. Goats show off their profiles and strut around as the baaa-d boys of the barnyard.

Farm Animals Brighten Up County Farms Checks

One set of "cutesy" baby animal drawings gives the cartoon treatment that appeals to many. Cute and appealing as the animals are, the collection also shows the no-nonsense practicalities of farm labor, with reapers, tractors and other items of farm equipment that are truly pieces of rural art. All are depictions of farm life that will grow on you!