Order Lighthouse Checks with coastal water scenes with the guiding light of our famous lighthouses

Lighthouses Checks

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Lighthouse Checks Shine Beacons & Flash Warnings - There's something romantic about lighthouses. Poised at the brim where land and water meet, they seem symbolic of two elements of life. And they represent the safety that comes with being warned of the proximity of danger. Shining their light in dense fog or dark nights helps mariners navigate their ships to stay clear of dangerous rocks and hazardous shorelines. Now you can be reminded of that with our Lighthouse Checks.

Lighthouse Checks Celebrate Your Love For The Ocean

In many instances lighthouses stand as a remnant of America's seafaring past, replaced now by more sophisticated warning systems. They are a popular art subject that usually combines craggy headlands with rolling water. In this personal check collection, some of the country's finest are represented. If you love lighthouses, you'll love these personal checks!

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